Dear Colleagues:

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to a special Paper Development workshop on Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability to be organized at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta during February 26-28, 2011, under the aegis of SMS India Research Initiative.

Emerging economies like India have started playing critical role in the growth of world economy in the last decade with more intense global exchanges in terms of flow of investments, goods and services. These economies provide low cost locations, resources, talent and rapidly growing domestic markets to firms in developed countries. At the same time many firms from emerging economies have vigorously responded to market-friendly regulatory changes through domestic expansion and enhanced linkages with global markets.

Research scholars see immense potential in studying strategic initiatives in the context of emerging economies like India. This interest is primarily driven by an understanding that firms in emerging economies operate under institutional contexts having an interesting mix of similarities and differences with the institutional contexts of developed countries. Literature providing detailed understanding of the developed economy institutions is fairly well developed in strategy and other disciplines. The specificities of the institutional contexts of emerging economies and their implications for the conduct of business, however, have not yet been explored well even within the emerging economy discourse. This creates a very interesting opportunity to study the inter-play of multiple economic and institutional logics that firms in an emerging economy embrace in managing both their domestic and international businesses.

The objective of this workshop is to create a platform for aspiring scholars from diverse disciplines and functions related to management, including faculty members and doctoral students from the region, to develop their research work on topics related to broad areas of Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability up to the level acceptable at reputed international journals. The workshop will provide an opportunity to get intensive feedback from a few reputed senior strategy scholars from across the world, and explore joint research projects with them of mutual interests.

In this regard we invite your scholarly work for the workshop and look forward to meeting you at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta during February 26-28, 2011.


Prathan Desai
Workshop Co-Chair

Sushil Khanna
Workshop Co-Chair

Sougata Ray
Workshop Co-Chair

Biswatosh Saha
Workshop Co-Chair

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